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Nick Meeter

1979 Born in New Jersey, USA
1996-1998 Assistant of sculptor Nina Akai, Hoboken, NJ
1998-2000 Worked as carpenter, Grand Rapids, Michigan
2000 Began the study of fine arts Memorial University of Newfoundland
2001 Technician's assistant Sir Wilfred Grenfell College sculpture department
2002 Moved to Hanover, Germany
2003-2004 Two semesters of architecture studies
University of Hannover Jan - Aug. 2004 Research assistant at the Institute of History and Theory, Architecture Department, University of Hannover
2003 to Present Continue the study of fine arts HBK in Braunschweig Germany by John Armleder



thin / tied / lose
Diplomarbeit 2006

At some point I'd had enough of trying to fit my art through small subway doors. It always seemed like people were thinking, "get a truck". I couldn't stand to see my art getting rusty in the yard anymore.I am not saying that artists shouldn't let their work get rusty, I just don't want mine getting rusty. If I am going to make something, I want it to be recycled. I either pack it up, or make it out of things found in it's vicinity. I am not going to leave my art in basements anymore. I want to fold it up and lean it in the kitchen and not trip over it. If I feel like having it around again, I can build it in Greenland, or in the bedroom.This is where my art is going……in a nice bag, and maybe to Greenland




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